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Corporate Information


The Nagy Collection PR – couture company was founded by the designer Hana Kiera Nagy in 2002 and is represented in many PR collection designs worldwide.


The synthesis of fashion, promotion and brand knowledge.
Our goal is to specifically design individual and stylish collections while bearing market trends in mind. The team consists of innovative designers who follow the client brand philosophy. At the same time, the team attentively tracks the newest fashion trends and our client’s competitors.


Our promotion collections, individually tailored for each client, are much more than uniforms. With the help of the philosophy or slogan of the brand/product, we create a unique, new form of communication between the brand and the target group. Furthermore, our collections should be a part of the product focus.
Employees, who feel comfortable, identify with the product. Thus we create an enormous feeling of belonging that is simultaneously conveyed to the target group. We connect the philosophy of the client / brand with stylish aspects in our PR collections. We develop new and unique styles of fashion.

Reliability, the highest standards, 100% quality assurance and punctual delivery are outstanding assets to our designs that have won us the reputation we enjoy.

Our team consists of professional specialists who all live for the design; we are committed to the design of each and every single brand.


The designer team, a myriad of designers, graphic artists, textile designers and textile technicians use their innovation to design every collection, under the direction of head designer Hana Kiera Nagy. The team provides everything from sketches and material selections to summaries and Style Guidelines for our customers.